Flowers of Zebra Plant - Acanthaceae Aphelandra Squarrosa ‘Louisae’.

What You Need to Know About the Zebra Plant – Acanthaceae Aphelandra Squarrosa ‘Louisae’

Originating in Brazil, the zebra plant, as it is commonly known, could be grown for its foliage alone, so the bright yellow flowers are a bonus. The glossy, dark green leaves have vivid white markings along the midrib and veins and are 8—10 in. (20—25 cm) long.

The flowers, which are usually on the plant when it is bought, are brilliant golden yellow, earning the plant its other common name, saffron-spike. The flowers are fairly short-lived, but the bracts sur­rounding them last long after.

Size: Height 12—18 in. (30—45 cm), spread 1 ft. (30 cm).

Light: Indirect sunlight.

Temperature: Normal room; mini­mum 55°F (12°C) in winter.

Moisture: Keep thoroughly moist from spring to fall. During the winter rest allow the top half of the soil mix to dry between waterings.

Feeding: Apply standard liquid fertil lzer weekly in spring and summer.

Propagation: Take tip cuttings, 4—6 in. (10—15 cm) long, in spring or summer.

Special needs: Aphelandras like high humidity, so place the pot in a tray of moist pebbles.