Venus Fly Trap Plant - Droseraceae Dionaea Muscipula.

What You Need to Know About the Venus Fly Trap Plant – Droseraceae Dionaea Muscipula

In its natural environment in southeastern America, this carnivorous plant, called the Venus fly trap, supplements its nutrient intake by trapping insects with a fascinating mechanism.

It grows as a low rosette of leaves with a broad-winged, leafy stalks and two rounded, hinged blades that turn glossy, bright red in sunlight. The leaves, fringed with spines, have touch-sensitive hairs in the middle, so that when a fly touches, it triggers the mechanism to snap the leaves shut.

Size: Height to 18 in. (45 cm) in flower.

Light: Direct sunlight (not noon in summer).

Temperature: Warm and humid.

Moisture: Keep thoroughly moist.

Feeding: Give extra flies or tiny pieces of meat occasionally.

Propagation: Bought as small plants.

Special needs: Not usually long-lived indoors, but interesting while it lasts.