What You Need to Know About the Tulip – Liliaceae Tulipa

Not as easy as some of the other bulbs to grow indoors, tulips are neverthe­less well worth persevering with. Choose varieties that are labeled for indoor growing, such as hybrids of T. greigii or T. kaufmanniana, as these are less likely to be affected by the warmer conditions and become drawn and weak. Both have a range of flower colors, with either plain or striped petals, and both have attrac­tively marked foliage.

Tulip species are from central Asia. Recommended varieties are: T. ‘Giuseppe Verdi’, a T. kaufmanniana form, which is 6—12 in. (15—30 cm) high, with yel­low and red striped flowers and 71 ‘Red Riding Hood,’ a T. greigii form with red flowers. T. praeslans unicum has leaves which are broadly edged with white and up to five flow­ers per stem, each red with a yellow base and black anthers.

Size: See individual species.

Light: Indirect sunlight.

Temperature: Keep cool; 60—65°F (16—18°C).

Moisture: Keep moist.

Feeding: Not necessary.

Special needs: After flowering, the bulbs will often recover and flower again in subsequent years if they are planted outdoors.