Flower of Transvaal Daisy - Asteraceae - Gerbera Jamesonii

What You Need to Know About the Transvaal Daisy – Asteraceae – Gerbera Jamesonii

There are a wide range of seed selec­tions of this popular flowering pot plant, known as Transvaal daisy or Barberton daisy and originating from South Africa. They occur in a range of heights, and flowers can lie single or double in colors from red lo orange, yellow’, pink, and white, the flowers appear from lace spring to late summer, from rosettes of hairy, lobed, mid-green leaves.

For single flowers choose ‘California Mixed,’ tall arid multicolored, or ‘Parade Mixed,’ which is shorter with early, long-last­ing flowers. Double flowered varieties include: ‘Festival Mixture,’ with early flowers; ‘Fantasia Double Strain,’ whose flowers, to 5 in. (12 cm) across, have a quilled center and ‘Sunburst Mixture,’ which has large flowers to 4 in. (10 cm) across.

Size: Height 1—2 ft. (30—60 cm), depending on variety.

Light: Indirect sunlight with some direct sunlight, not noon in summer.

Temperature: Normal room.

Moisture: Keep moist at all times.

Feeding: Give standard liquid fertil­izer every two weeks.

Propagation: Sow seed in spring.

Special needs: The taller strains need staking to support the weight of the flower head. Discard after flowering.