Flower of Shrubby Verbena - Verbenaceae Lantana Camara.

What You Need to Know About the Shrubby Verbena – Verbenaceae Lantana Camara

From tropical America, this small shrubby plant, known as shrubby verbena or yellow sage, has coarse textured, dull, mid-green leaves and bristly stems, but erupts into color when it flowers throughout spring and summer.

The numerous tubular flowers are produced in clusters on short stalks; they open progressively from the outside of the circle to the middle. An individual flower may be white, yellow, orange, pink, or red, usually with a brighter colored eye, but the color changes and darkens as the flower ages, so that each cluster contains flowers of several different shades at once. L.c. ‘Brasier’ has bright red flowers.

Size: Height 18—24 in. (45-60 cm).

Light: Some direct sunlight every day is essential throughout the year or the plant will not flower.

Temperature: Normal room; winter minimum 55°F (12°C).

Moisture: Keep thoroughly moist from spring to fall. In winter, apply only enough water to prevent the soil drying out.

Feeding: Apply standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks in spring and summer.

Propagation: Sow seed in spring, or take 4 in. (10 cm) tip cuttings in spring or summer.

Special needs: Cut back after flowering. Young plants produce more flowers, so it is worth replacing the plant with cuttings every 2—3 years.