Shrimp Plant - Acanthaceae Justicia Brandegeeana (syn. Beloperone Guttata).

What You Need to Know About the Shrimp Plant – Acanthaceae Justicia Brandegeeana (syn. Beloperone Guttata)

This is a shrubby plant from Mexico. The common name shrimp plant comes from the arching, 4 in. (10 cm) long, shrimp like flowers, which are produced almost all year round. The) are composed of many overlapping bracts in shades of yellow to brown, brick-red or rose, surrounding a red- or purple-tipped, white inner corolla. The stems are upright and woody and the oval leaves are slightly downy. J.b. ‘Yellow Queen’ has bright yellow bracts.

Size: Height 2 ft. (60 cm).

Light: Indirect sunlight, with some direct sunlight to ensure good color in the bracts. Cool light.

Temperature: Normal to cool room.

Moisture: Keep barely moist all year. Feeding Use standard liquid fertilizer once a month in spring and summer

Propagation: Take tip cuttings. 2—3 in. (5—7 cm) long, in spring or summer.

Special needs: Pinch regularly to encourage bushy growth, and cut tin; whole plant back by half in spring to prevent it becoming straggly.