Flowers of Pink Jasmin Plant - Oleaceae Jasminum Polyanthum.

What You Need to Know About the Pink Jasmin Plant – Oleaceae Jasminum Polyanthum

A graceful, but vigorous climber, which branches profusely as it ages, jasmine is easily trained. It will thrive in a pot, where it can be grown around a hoop or over a small trellis, or in a conservatory border, where it can be trained to cover a wall, larger trellis or arch.

The heavily-scented, tubular flowers are produced in clus­ters in winter and spring, and are pink on the outside and white within. The glossy green leaves have 5—7 small leaflets. Jasmine comes from southwest China.

Size: Spread 10 ft. (5 m), or more if left unpruned.

Light: Indirect sunlight, with some direct sunlight.

Temperature: Cool. Stand outdoors in summer.

Moisture: Keep moist at all times. Feeding Apply standard liquid fertilizer once a month in summer and fall.

Propagation: Take 4 in. (10 cm) tip or heel cuttings in summer.

Special needs: Keep jasmine under control by regular pruning and pinching out growing tips to encour­age a bushy plant. It can be pruned hard after flowering if necessary.