Pearl Haworthia - Aloeaceae Haworthia Margaritifera in a pot.

What You Need to Know About the Pearl Haworthia – Aloeaceae Haworthia Margaritifera

An unusual clump-forming, stemless plant from the Western Cape, South Africa, the pearl haworthia has a rosette of around 50 tightly packed, fat, rigid, dark green or purple-green leaves, with sharp, red-brown tips covered in rough, pearly white, lumps.

Branched stems, to 16 in. (40 cm) long, form m summer, bearing tube-shaped, brown to yellow- green flowers in clusters up to 6 in. (15 cm) long. They are best grown like cacti, in individual pots, or in groups in a larger container.

Size: Spread 4—7 in. (10—18 cm).

Light: Indirect sunlight.

Temperature: Keep cool at all times.

Moisture: Keep moist from spring to fall. In winter, apply only enough water to prevent the soil drying out.

Feeding: Give low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer once a month from spring to fall.

Propagation: Sow seed, remove offsets, or divide, in spring.

Special needs: Do not allow the soil to become wet or the roots will rot.