Peacock Plant - Marantaceae Calathea Makoyana

What You Need to Know About the Peacock Plant – Marantaceae Calathea Makoyana

Although this tropical plant from Brazil produces white flowers, surrounded by green bracts, they are of minor importance compared to the dramatic foliage, which earns it its common names — peacock plant, cathedral windows, and brain plant.

The oval leaves can be as long as 13 in. (32 cm), and are pale green, feathered cream, with dark green blotches along the veins, and dark green borders. Underneath, they have a repeat of the pattern, but shaded with purple.

Size: Height 3 ft. (90 cm), spread 2 ft. (60 cm).

Light: In direct sunlight.

Temperature: Keep warm; 60—70°F (15-21 °C).

Moisture: Keep thoroughly moist from spring to fall, slightly drier in winter.

Feeding: Apply standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks during spring and summer.

Propagation: Divide in spring: each clump needs roots and shoots to grow. Enclose the new plant in a plastic bag to keep the humidity high until it has established.

Special needs: In warmer temperatures, increase the humidity by misting daily with rainwater (to avoid marking the foliage). Bright light will make the leaf markings fade.