Garden filled with palmlike plants.

What You Need to Know About the Palmlike Plants

With their exotic, architectural foliage, palms make wonderful specimen plants. They can be used on their own as a dramatic focal point or in a group of other plants to give height and structure to the arrangement. Although they seldom flower or fruit indoors, unless conditions are ideal, the glossy leaves are so attractive that this is not important.

They enjoy warm growing conditions, as they originate in countries with a hot (or even tropical) cli mate, and need good indirect light, although the amount of humidity varies from species to species. The leaves (fronds) are either pinnate, with many small leaflets arising from a long central midrib, or palmate, where the leaflets fan out from the leaf-stalk. Only a few new fronds are produced each year, and older ones tend to be shed from the base, leaving an attractive textured or scarred trunk.