Ornamental Pepper plant - Solanaceae Capsicum Annuum

What You Need to Know About the Ornamental Pepper – Solanaceae Capsicum Annuum

Known as ornamental pepper, from tropical America, this is among the few indoor plants grown for its fruits rather than flowers or leaves. The tiny, white flowers in summer or fall are followed by the fruits, which are green, turning to orange, red, or pur­ple over a period of weeks as they ripen.

There are a various different fruit shapes, including the cherry pepper, which is ball-shaped, and the cone pepper, which is conical and upright. Both are popular at Christmas.

Size: Height 1 ft. (30 cm).

Light: Indirect sunlight with some direct sunlight.

Temperature: Normal room.

Moisture: Keep thoroughly moist at all times.

Feeding: Give standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

Propagation: Sow seed in early spring.

Special needs: Wash hands thoroughly after touching the fruit – these relatives of chili and cayenne peppers are extremely hot and the juice will sting the eyes and mouth.