What You Need to Know About the Mother in Law’s Tongue Plant – Agavaceae Sansevieria Trifasciata

This plant is known as mother in law’s tongue or snake plant and originates from Nigeria. It seems to survive where no others can, and is tolerant of sunshine and shade, dry air, drafts, and even some neglect in terms of watering. Each rhizomatous plant can last for many years, as the rate of growth is slow, and seldom needs repotting. The stiffly erect leaves are narrow, flat, long, and pointed, and banded light and dark green. S.t. ‘Laurentii’ has bright yellow leaf margins.

Size: Height 2 ft. (60 cm).

Light: Direct sunlight, indirect sun light, or partial shade.

Temperature: Normal room; mini mum 55°F (12°C).

Moisture: Keep moist from spring to fall. In winter, apply enough water to prevent soil drying out.

Feeding: Give half-strength liquid fertilizer once a month in spring and summer.

Propagation: Divide clumps so each new piece has both leaves and roots. Or, take leaf cuttings by cutting om leaf into short pieces and inserting them, base downward, into a pot of tray of soil mix. Plants propagated by leaf cuttings will be all-green.

Special needs: Sanseverias grow best when slightly pot-bound, so do not repot each year.