Cacti and succulents plants displayed in different containers.

What You Need to Know About Cacti and Succulents Plants

Cacti and succulents are two fascinating groups of plants. The difference between the two is that cacti have modified side shoots, caked areoles, carrying spines or hairs, while succulents have fleshy stems or leaves that store water. Some cacti are smooth and round, while others are knobbly, but they have all adapted themselves to give off as little water vapor as possi­ble in their natural habitat.

Most garden centers stock a good selection of cacti and succulents, and these are ideal plants for children, because they are easy to maintain and tolerate a little neglect. Their main growing requirement is lots of warm sunlight, so find a warm sunlight, so find a warm, bright position for your plants. Although cacti are drought-tol­erant, they do need watering during the summer.

“Silver-painted pots of different heights, grouped on a pewter tray and surrounded by smooth pebbles, make a striking and stylish way to display a mixed group of cacti and succulents.”