Succulent plants leafs sitting on the ground.

Propagation – Whole Leaf Cuttings

This technique involves using whole leaves taken from the parent to produce new plants.

Whole leaves of succulents, such as crassula, echeveria, and sedum, can be used to form new plants. Take a large, healthy, mature leaf, and leave it to dry for 24 hours before planting. This reduces moisture loss caused by excessive “bleeding.” Push the cut end of the leaf into the moist soil. Do not cover the pot with plastic, since succulents are liable to rot. Begonia rex can be propagated by tak­ing a whole leaf and making slits through each of the main veins. The leaf is weighed or pegged down to ensure it remains in close contact with the soil and covered with plastic.

  • Remove a healthy, mature leaf with a clean, sharp knife and make small cuts across the veins on the underside.
  • Lay the leaf face-up on moist soil and hold down with small stones or hoops of wire. Cover with plastic.

Vein cuts

New plants should form at each of the small vein cuts. These can later be separated and potted up.