Small plants in cubic soil.

Propagation – Sowing Small Seed

This technique is suitable for any seed that is large enough to be handled individually. Citrus seeds are ideal.

Some plants can be raised indoors purely for fun and for the satisfaction gained from the sight of a new shoot emerging from the soil. Citrus seed — from oranges, lemons, and grapefruits — is ideal for children to experiment with, because it is free and would otherwise be thrown away. It will also germinate fairly quickly, producing an attractive plant with fragrant, glossy leaves.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely to produce fruit, since the conditions may not be suitable, although citrus plants are certainly worth growing for their foliage alone. You will need to plant several seeds to ensure that at least one healthy plant grows on.

  • The pips from oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are all easy to grow and quick to germinate in spring and summer. Sow fresh from the fruit or keep in water until you are ready to sow them.
  • Fill a pot with soil and space the seeds evenly on the surface. Press them in carefully to twice their depth.
  • Water with a fine spray to settle the soil, then keep warm and moist. Germination will take about 6—8 weeks.