Scissor sitting on a few leafs.

Propagation – Part-Leaf Cuttings

This technique involves cutting a whole leaf in half or into several horizontal sections. It is a simple and effective way to produce a number of new plants.

The leaves of sansevieria can be cut into horizontal sections about 2 in. (5 cm) deep. Keep them the same way up that they were growing, and insert them into moist soil to one-third of their depth. Two or three plantlets should form from each sec­tion.

Streptocarpus leaves can be cut in half length­ways along the midrib or cut into V-shaped sections horizontally. New plantlets should form along the cut surfaces.

  • Use a clean, sharp knife to remove a healthy, mature leaf from the parent plant. Cut along the length of the central vein (midrib).
  • Lay the leaf down lengthwise, pressing the cut edge lightly into the moist soil.
  • New plants should form along the cut edge. These can be potted up individually.