Lemongrass plant in a garden.

How to Plant Lemon Grass in Your Garden

The stems of this tender aromatic herb have a tangy lemon taste. Fresh stems, bought from specialist Asian grocery stores and supermarkets, root easily to create new plants. Select firm stems that have a woody, light brown base.

When to plant: Spring.

At their best: All year round.

Time to complete: 30 minutes.

You will need: Fresh lemon grass stems, glass or jar of water, sharp knife, 3½ in (8 cm) plastic pots, soil-based potting mix, liquid houseplant fertilizer, decorative indoor planter.

Root the stems

Buy fresh lemon grass stems and put the bulbous ends in a jar of water. Stand them on a bright windowsill for a few weeks until a good root system has developed. Change the water weekly.

Trim and plant

Fill small pots with soil-based potting mix. Trim off the top of each stem and pot the young plants up. Water well, and keep on a warm, sunny windowsill, or in a greenhouse.


Water well during summer, and apply a liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Pot them on into larger pots as they grow. In winter, keep the soil just moist. To harvest, cut the stems close to the roots.