Goji plant with berries in a garden.

How to Plant Goji Berries in Your Garden

These berries contain large amounts of vitamin C and iron. In China they are most often used in savory dishes, such as soups—a handful is thrown in toward the end of cooking—or they are stewed to make tea.

Growing tips

Goji plants are fully hardy shrubs, and prefer fertile, well-drained soil in a sunny spot. When planting, incorporate lots of well-rotted organic matter, such as manure, and keep them well watered for the first year. They flower in late spring and summer, but are unlikely to produce a worthwhile crop until the third year after planting.

Drying berries

Use the berries when fresh, or dry them for storing. Place them in the oven on its lowest temperature, with the door open, for a few hours, then store the berries in clean, dry, airtight jars.