Garden cress planted in a white pot.

How to Plant Garden Cress

One packet of seeds will be enough for a few sowings. Reseal the packet and store in a container in the refrigerator.

Time to complete: 30 minutes.

You will need: Cress seed, small pots, paper towels, nontoxic felt-tip pen, all-purpose potting mix, plastic bags.

Fold kitchen towel

Fold a sheet of kitchen towel in quarters. Invert a pot over it and draw around the rim with a pen. Cut out the circles of paper. Fill the pot with potting mix to just below the rim and place the four paper circles on top.

Water the pots

Repeat for several pots—you will need a few if growing for salads. Set the pots on a plant tray or saucers, and water them to dampen the towels.

Sow the seeds

Sprinkle some seeds onto the paper. Place each pot in a plastic bag, seal loosely and store in a cool dark place. When the seedlings are ½ in (1 cm), remove the bag. Set pots on a windowsill out of direct sun, and keep moist until the cress is ready.