Cilantro plant in a pot.

How to Plant Cilantro in Your Garden

Grow this annual herb in a sunny spot for its lemony seeds and spicy leaves, which add a fresh taste to dishes.

When to plant: Spring.

At their best: Spring to autumn.

Time to complete: 30 minutes.

You will need: Cilantro seeds or plug plants, modular seed tray, seed soil, deep container, broken clay pot pieces, soil-based potting mix, watering can with fine rose.

Sow and plant up

Fill a modular seed tray with seed soil. Scatter seed on the surface, cover with a little soil, and water. Keep in a sunny spot and water frequently. Thin congested seedlings once they have a few leaves. Cilantro plants have long roots, so when the seedlings are growing well, line the base of a deep container with clay pieces, and fill it with soil-based potting mix.

Care for your plants

Plant up the cilantro, and keep it well watered; drought stress will cause plants to go to seed. Remove any flower stems immediately. Cut the stems and leaves when mature; a new set may then grow, giving a second crop. Alternatively, allow plants to go to seed, put the cut seedheads in a paper bag, and hang them upside down until the seeds drop.