View from above of a strawberry plant.

How to Plant Alpine Strawberry in Your Garden

Strawberries can also be grown in hanging baskets or windowboxes. Dainty, tasty alpines are the best choice for this type of container.

When to plant: Early spring.

At their best: Summer.

Time to complete: 1 ½ hours.

You will need: Alpine strawberry plants, hanging basket or windowbox, multipurpose potting mix, slow-release granular fertilizer.

Plant the windowbox

Plant small plants fairly close together to give an impressive show and a good harvest. Add some slow-release fertilizer granules to the soil as you plant, and keep the plants well-watered throughout the year.

Harvesting and care

Harvest and eat the berries as they ripen throughout summer. Check the plants frequently and pick regularly to encourage later fruits to ripen. The plants will need lifting out of the pot and dividing every three or four years.