Garden with a gravel alley.

How to Have a Self-Seeded Gravel Garden

A slightly different style of gravel garden uses no landscape fabric. Plants are left to self-seed and create a wonderfully natural effect, but make sure you remove every scrap of perennial weed during the preparation.

Encourage seeding

Both weeds and seedlings of desired plants will spring up in a gravel bed, and it is important to learn the difference between them. You may have to allow weeds to grow larger than you would ideally like to identify them. In addition, take a relaxed approach to deadheading; seeds will never get the chance to form if the flowers are cut off the moment they start to fade.

Other planting options: Alchemilla mollis, Alyssum, Aquilegias, Eschscholzia, Feverfew, Nasturtiums, Shirley poppies, Snapdragon, Stipa tenuissima, Verbena bonariensis.