Hazelnut tree with nuts.

How to Grow Hazel and Cobnuts in Your Garden

Hazels are round, hard, chewy nuts that commonly grow in hedgerows. Cobnuts are a slightly elongated, cultivated form of hazel, and are particularly good for eating. Both grow well in a range of conditions, and produce nuts from a young age.

When to plant: Late autumn or spring.

At their best: Late summer.

Time to complete: 2 hours.

You will need: Hazelnut plant, spade, stake, tree tie, organic matter for mulch.

Site and planting

Hazels prefer well-drained soil and a position in full sun or partial shade. Plant two hazel trees in your garden to guarantee cross-pollination and a good crop of nuts. Plant bare-root plants in late autumn; pot-grown ones in spring. Plant and stake the tree. After planting, water well, and apply a layer of mulch.

Prune and harvest

Water the tree regularly for the first year. Once the plant is established and has been growing for at least two years, prune the strongest, upright stems to the ground to encourage flowering side shoots. Hazelnuts can be harvested young and eaten fresh and green, or left to turn brown on the plant, and then harvested and stored.