Indoor plants displayed in white containers.

How to Group Your Indoor Plants

Plants like to be grouped together because they give off water vapor, which makes the surrounding air humid and gives them a happy growing environment. From an aesthetic point of view too, a group of well-thought-out plants will make a stronger statement in a room than several individual pots spaced around randomly.

The decor of your home plays an important role in your choice of houseplants, so make this your starting poi it. Consider the style of the room and your choice of wallpaper or paint. An ornate wall­paper, for example, would completely overwhelm a delicate flowering plant or feathery fern. A room decorated: with large, vertical stripes needs a bushy plant that will contrast with the stripes and stand out against the walls. A fireplace is a popular place to display houseplants in summer, but consider how much light it is available here before making your selection. A group of flowering plants may seer the ideal choice to brighten up a dark space, bi they will not survive in shady conditions — whereas ferns will thrive in them.

Once you have decided on the location for your plants, you are free to make your selection at the garden center. You might decide on contrasting colored flowers to suit a modern living room, or soothing mauves and whites for an airy bedroom. However, don’t concentrate on color alone — consider the shape and form of the leaves too.

The next consideration is a container. You can either choose a large single container, such as a bowl or dish, which looks good as a centerpiece on a table, or a series of individual containers to suit a shelf or windowsill. If you choose the latter, pick ones that complement each other in color ant’ shape, as this will help to unify the arrangement.