Young chard plants in a garden.

Hot to Plant Chard in Your Home Garden

Harvest these as colorful baby leaves, little and often, and use them in summer salads or stir–fries.

When to plant: Spring to early summer.

At their best: Summer to autumn.

Time to complete: 30 minutes

You will need: Small chard plants, large – wide container, broken clay pot pieces, soil-based potting mix, watering can.

Prepare container

Make sure the container has adequate drainage holes and then cover the base with clay pot pieces. Top up the container with soil.

Tease out roots

Water small plants of rainbow or ruby chard. Tip them from their pots, and carefully tease out the roots. This helps them establish quickly.

Plant and firm in

Plant the chard fairly close together for a good display. Firm in and water well. Keep well watered and cut back flowering stems to prolong the crop.