Plant growing on a moss pole.

How to Use a Moss Pole

Plants that produce aerial roots and enjoy a humid environment will thrive against a moist moss pole. As the plants grow, the pole becomes completely covered in lush, healthy foliage.

Many plants grow in the wild by means of aerial roots, which anchor themselves into moist crevices in the surrounding rocks and trees. Without this moisture, the roots shrivel and die, and the plant’s support is lost. Indoors, this environment can be recreat­ed using moist sphagnum moss, either wired around a cane or packed inside a wire tube.

The moss must form a continuous col­umn, which can draw moisture up from the soil, because if there is a break in the column, the upper moss will dry out. It will also benefit from being sprayed regularly using a mister, as this will prevent it taking up moisture from the soil, leaving more water for the roots. The stems are held against the pole by wrap­ping twine around them or using small wire hoops to hold them in place.

  • Cut wire for the tube. Keep it in proportion to the plant and pot.
  • Wrap it into a tube shape and bend the ends over to hold it closed.
  • Use a short cane to push the moist sphag­num moss firmly down inside the tube.
  • Put crockery shards and growing medium in the pot, then position the pole inside.
  • Space the plants evenly around the pole, fill in with potting soil and mist thoroughly.