Wall stone covered by purple climber plant.

How to Create a Rockery Wall

Dry stone walls make perfect homes for alpines, such aubretia, which creates a mass of evergreen foliage and cascades of pretty flowers in spring. Choose small plants and use this planting method to secure them in the wall.

When to plant: Early autumn.

At their best: Spring.

Time to complete: 30 minutes.

You will need: Bucket, piece of dried turf.

Alpines, such as: Aubrieta, Campanula poscharskyana, Houseleek – Sempervivum, Gold dust – Aurinia saxatilis, Saxifrage – Saxifraga.

Prepare to plant

Take the dried turf and dunk it in a bucket of water to drench it. Remove and allow to drain. Water the plant and remove it from its pot. Wrap the damp turf around the plant roots.

Ease plants into crevices

Carefully wedge the turf-wrapped plant into a crevice. Fill around it with a half-and-half mix of horticultural sand and soil-based potting mix. Mist the plant regularly.