Morning glory flower hanged on a wall.

How to Create a Morning Glory Tower in Your Garden

This annual climber, Ipomoea, can be easily grown from seed in spring, and will quickly romp over a container support, smothering it in trumpetlike flowers.

When to start:  Spring.

At their best: Mid- to late summer.

Time to complete: 2 hours.

You will need: Morning glory, ipomoea, seedlings, large container, multi-purpose soil and slow-release fertilizer, broken clay pot pieces, tall bamboo stakes, raffia or string.

Before you plant

Place broken clay pot pieces in the base of the pot, fill with soil, and mix in slow-release fertilizer granules.

Tie stakes together

Arrange stakes around the edge of the pot and tie the tops together. Then stabilize the obelisk by tying each stake to the next with raffia to form a ring. Repeat this a few times up the stakes.

Plant seedlings

Take a pot or two of seedlings that you sowed indoors in early spring. Carefully separate them out and plant one at the base of each stake. Firm in, and water the plants well.


The small plants will quickly start to climb of their own accord but may benefit from being tied in at first. Water the plants well all summer, and remove any faded flowers to keep them in bloom.