Garden with miniatures woodland design.

How to Create a Miniature Woodland in Your Garden

Trees such as oaks, hollies, and rowans will grow large with time, but you can restrict their size by planting them in containers or raised beds. Surround them with shade-loving plants to create a tiny woodland.

When to plant: Autumn.

At their best: Spring to autumn.

Time to complete: 3 hours to plant.

You will need: Well-rotted organic matter, drainage material, soil-based potting mix, young trees grown from seed.

Selection of plants you could use: Male ferns – Dryopteris filix-mas, Woodruff – Asperula, Ivy – Hedera helix.

Prepare the bed

Buy or build a raised bed, or hire a landscaper to construct a brick bed like this one. Add drainage materials, such as broken bricks, rocks, etc, to the base and fill the bed with garden soil and some well-rotted organic matter.

Plant up

First plant your young trees, staking them if required (see Tips below). Position the woodland plants about 18 in (45 cm) from the trees. Water well and mulch. Keep the bed watered, even after the plants have established.

Tips: Staking and feeding

When your seedlings have grown, you can either plant them in large pots, in raised beds, or in the ground. In windy sites, those planted in beds or the soil may require staking. Check your trees regularly and loosen the ties as the trunks expand. Remove the stakes after a couple of years. In spring, apply a shrub and tree fertilizer to the soil. For those in pots, replace the top 2in (5cm) of soil with new soil mixed with some fertilizer.